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Mobile Ordering and Payments

Solutions for Aloha POS

Whether you like to run as you do today with traditional tip adjustment or whether you want to run true payment at the table with tip selection, Softpoint has both to offer.

SoftPoint allows the user to use the terminal for table ordering, line busting or even, with its 4G capability, take it into the field and take orders and still be communicating with the Aloha POS system.

SoftPoint is 100% integrated with your Aloha POS System which allows it to display the same menu that the user would see on an NCR terminal. This means that as prices change and items are removed, SoftPoint is in Realtime receiving those updates also allowing for the operation to benefit form this functionality.


"All-in-One" Wireless EMV Payment Solution with Order Entry

The AIO terminal is an “All- in-One” wireless solution that integrates with your Aloha Point of Sale system.

The AIO terminal can be used for EMV payment processing tableside or "pay at the table", pay at the counter and pay in the field with optional 4G cellular.

The AIO terminal allows a merchant to immediately become EMV compliant as well reduce their PCI compliance requirements.

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