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Aloha Takeout & Delivery

Competitive advantage goes curbside with new POS capabilities

Drive sales – and staff efficiency with NCR Aloha Takeout. This application has what it takes to help you improve your speed-of-service, manage future sales and optimize delivery. Aloha Takeout tightly synchronizes fast-paced restaurant takeout and delivery operations from order entry to driver route planning, making the most of every minute. Benefits include:

  • Create new sources of revenue
    Customers expect flexible dining options - with Aloha Takeout, you can give it to them. Extend the walls of your business with fast, profitable takeout and delivery operations.
  • Get closer to your customers with look-up tools
    Recognize your customers when they call with integrated caller ID, fast look-up capabilities and access to previous order data. Aloha Takeout provides automatic searching against six fields, increasing the likelihood staff can locate the right customer on their first attempt.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with faster phone service
    Aloha Takeout is engineered for speed, with tools to identify customers, access secured, stored payment information, and repeat previous orders quickly and accurately. With shorter hold times, staff can serve more customers, generating higher sales and improving customer satisfaction.
  • Improve production of future orders
    Replace manual processes with automated scheduling, tracking and production of future orders. Aloha Takeout makes it easy to manage future orders and ensure deposit accountability, increasing customer trust – and driving repeat business.
  • Optimize route planning
    Help drivers quickly get to their destinations with integrated mapping tools that generate accurate, multi-stop routes in less than a second. In addition, Aloha Takeout can provide turn-by-turn printed directions and grocery items for each run, removing the guesswork from route planning.
  • Enhance driver performance
    Assign orders to drivers with just one touch on the application’s graphic user interface. Use driver data to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of delivery operations and boost capacity.