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Aloha Quick Service

Boost restaurant service and sales

Your restaurant customers depend on you to provide fast, friendly and totally consistent service, time after time. That’s why it’s important to set the stage for success with point-of-sale (POS) technology that delivers on your brand promise. Count on Aloha Quick Service to help you increase sales, offer exceptional service and maximize control of critical operations. Benefits include:

  • The tools to drive sales
    The system’s simple graphical interface drives throughput and accelerates the pace of service. In addition, it helps increase average check size with up-selling and cross-selling suggestions.
  • Fewer touches for faster service
    With Aloha Quick Service, there are fewer touches to modify items, resulting in faster order completion. Cashiers can also toggle dynamically between a la carte items or combos, making it simple to fulfill diverse requests.
  • Data to improve operational control
    Acquire the insights you need to make fast decisions, reduce waste and understand customer behavior. Aloha Quick Service provides critical metrics, including inventory quick counts, labor costs and sales at the category and product level.
  • Intuitive functionality increases accuracy
    Aloha Quick Service streamlines order input. The POS system also provides intuitive substitutions for combo items, decreasing errors.
  • Interactive customer display enhances service
    Take ordering and payment to a new level with an interactive customer display. The display will show customers their order as it is entered, increasing accuracy while recommending related items for sale.
  • Innovative programs to enhance customer satisfaction
    Use gift cards and loyalty programs to reward high value customers with discounts, targeted vouchers and free items. In addition, you can gather data on the customer experience, using surveys printed at the time of sale.
  • Streamlined training for superior performance
    NCR Aloha Quick Service POS offers a live practice environment, increasing training effectiveness. Staff can train cashiers rapidly on the system’s functionality, enabling new hires to add immediate value.

Key Features

  • A powerful graphical user interface, with configurable menus, lead-through order entry and combo support
  • Integrated credit card processing for major payment processors using multiple communications infrastructures
  • Extensive reports, including sales, category sales, product mix, inventory item prep and labor costs as percent of sales
  • Inventory quick count with up-to-the-minute inventory item tracking based on sales
  • Dual-cash drawer allows two cashiers to share one POS terminal