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Pulse Real-Time

Want access to actionable information at your fingertips?



Pulse Real-Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable

information in real time to a user’s smartphone. Operators
experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going
on in the business, regardless of where they are. By
turning data collected from the POS system into actionable
information, operators can immediately make decisions
that directly impact the bottom line.

Results Matter.
Create more hours in the day using Pulse Real-Time and
manage your business operations effectively without
spending hours in the office. Pulse Real-Time delivers
up to the minute operational measurements, including:

  • Net sales by hour, day part, category and order mode
  • Labor dollars and percentage by job code
  • Comps and voids
  • Employee performance
  • Payment details
  • And many more…

Gone are the days of waiting for cumbersome reports
to be generated after the business day, Pulse Real-Time
provides actionable information during the business
day that can’t be found anywhere else. Now, from any
location, operators can make timely business decisions
that directly improve profits.