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Network Security Services

Maintain a strong network defense through a multi-layered solution Protecting your business’ and your customers’ information from a data security compromise isn’t the only reason to have strong network security. Antivirus companies estimate that today, 48-65% of all computers are infected with some kind of malware* (also known as malicious or “bad” software). As a business owner you must protect your business from cyber attacks and maintain a strong network defense through a multi-layered defense solution that secures your network from attacks, detects and prevents potential security risks and threats, and protects technology investments from downtime. Our solution includes:


  • Site Shield
    Site Shield is a managed commercial grade hardware firewall service and much more. NCR separates the Payment Network from other PCs and networks that are needed for business operations. This is done by configuring Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for other business equipment that shares access to the Internet.
  • Threat Defender
    Threat Defender is an ongoing monitor and network defense service. It attacks and defends against malware that finds a way past perimeter and in-store physical security defenses. It encompasses all of NCR’s efforts to continually improve layered security measures within the operator’s Cardholder environment.
  • Secure Access
    Secure Access is a secure remote access tool. NCR provides a two-factor secured application for accessing the point-of-sale (POS) back office PC.
  • Breach Assistance Program
    Our program includes up to $50,000 of breach protection per site. The program covers card association assessments, forensic audit expenses, card replacement expenses and certain post-event services expenses.