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Console Reporting

Know your business with NCR Console

Long gone are the days of using messy spreadsheets to manage your business. Why waste time and money using outdated methods when you can easily receive advanced reporting integrated seamlessly with your point-of-sale? NCR Console, integrated with NCR Aloha, provides real-time analytics in one time-saving dashboard – making your life...simpler.


See sales trends and track costs at a glance

NCR Console and a simple dashboard help you easily
analyze your business and compare your sales to prior
periods. Using NCR Console enables you to spot important trends and immediately take action at a single store or across multiple stores.

Plan for the future

What gets measured gets done. NCR Console helps you set sales targets and track your progress against them.

Run your business from anywhere

Thanks to the cloud, you can keep tabs on your business even when you aren’t physically there.


Key Features

Comparative Reports
NCR Console helps you leverage historical data and advanced reporting to monitor the health of your business. Our comparative reports include time over time and store to store comparisons, enabling you to drill down to product level details.


Targets & Trends
Automated sales forecasting and easy-to-use calendars enable you to estimate your expected sales and quickly
see a snapshot of your sales over time.


Advanced Analytics
NCR Console has over 10 comprehensive reports that
help you make timely and meaningful business decisions.

These reports include:

  • Dashboard and summaries
  • Sales
  • Discounts
  • Product mix
  • Red flag
  • Productivity
  • Shift details