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Online Ordering

Offer new ways to order and connect

NCR Aloha Online Ordering helps drive incremental sales to your business by making it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you.

Drive revenue through a new channel

Opening up a new ordering stream will attract additional guests and drive revenue to your restaurant. Typically, customers who order on their smartphones spend an average of 17% more per ticket, so NCR Online Ordering can help boost sales.

Make mobile ordering effortless

NCR Aloha Online Ordering empowers your customers to place an order when they are thinking about your brand. The convenience of placing an order from any device, at any time keeps customers engaged and builds a stronger relationship with them.

Localize menus within brand guidelines

With the NCR Aloha Online Ordering platform you can customize menu ordering content at specific stores and create a consistent look that best represents your brand.

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