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Aloha Stored Value

Use stored value cards to improve restaurant profitability

NCR Aloha Stored Value helps restaurateurs get close to their customers by deploying gift card programs. This industry-leading gift card distribution and management system enables managers to strengthen customer relationships, create new revenue streams and drive repeat business. Benefits include:

  • Enhancing customer engagement
    Gift cards help retailers deepen vital relationships, making it easy for customers to give gifts, pay for merchandise and add value to their cards.
  • Improving customer insight
    NCR Aloha Stored Value integrates tightly with Aloha POS systems, providing valuable data on customer preferences. Analyze when and where cards were used, what was purchased and the average amount spent.
  • Increasing marketing ROI
    Create marketing campaigns that result in repeat business – and high ROI. Understanding your customers’ behavior will help you target offers for a higher response rate.
  • Creating new revenue streams
    Offer multiple card types to build a new source of consistent and predictable revenue. In addition, gift cards turn loyal customers into active marketers of your restaurant, introducing your business to new clients.
  • Settling payments in real-time
    Aloha and NCR merchant services have partnered to provide Automated Clearing House (ACH) functionality, reconciling payments across multiple sites in real-time. Multi-settlement tools eliminate the time and hassle of collecting or distributing funds between sites.
  • Improve profitability with card sales
    It’s an open secret that customers don’t always deplete gift card balances – and sometimes don’t use cards at all. Whatever amounts customers don’t spend accrues as pure profit to your restaurant.
  • Creating a scalable solution
    NCR Aloha Stored Value scales easily across locations, franchises – and businesses. Use gift cards to build brand loyalty for restaurants and other businesses, such as associations and cooperatives.
  • Increasing operational control
    Transfer, reconcile and verify gift card funds automatically, streamlining customer interactions. Meanwhile, on the back end, managers can monitor operations and revenues closely with real-time enterprise-wide reporting capabilities.
  • Rapidly deploy a gift card program
    NCR Aloha Stored Value can be instantly deployed and activitated and requires no additional hardware. The Terminal Edition supports multiple POS platforms, enabling you to reduce upfront investment costs.
  • Leveraging powerful sales tools
    Process card sales and redemption with near-real-time authorization, support a wide variety of refund types and provide card balances on customer receipts. NCR Aloha Stored Value makes it easy to do business with your customers.